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[Comments] (1) Mele Kalikimaka: I'm feeling like Christmas will be quite different this year, considering Thanksgiving is next week and it is 80 degrees outside. We went to Disneyland yesterday to see the reindeer and they were panting. I'm not sure they can handle this weather. But they were cool to see. We made it a Christmas day yesterday and also saw the Christmas Parade, and went on the It's a Small World Christmas and Holiday Haunted Mantion rides. The latter is changed at Christmas to reflect Tim Burton's "The Nightmare Before Christmas." Pretty neat. Oh, and we also went to Mickey's house in ToonTown and got to take a personal foto with the mouse!

Then that night we put out our Christmas decorations. I know we are a bit premature this year, but it couldn't be helped, since tomorrow we are going to see HP 4, the next day we will be leaving for SF, and the week after Thanksgiving I am in LA. So Santa, consider our halls decked to the max!

As far as a wishlist, here goes (I'm terrible at these things):

1. Any Disney classic DVD, as we are trying to start a collection (ask Susie for details on the few we actually do own).

2. The Rankin-Bass Christmas DVD Collection (totally awesome; I know le Target has it for a mere $30. It includes the Frosty the Snowman and Rudolph shows we all know and love).

3. I know it's a lame cop-out, but a Target gift card would be nice, as we have decided to buy a digital camera for our upcoming Alaska extravaganza.

4. Anything with caramal, marzipan, or eggnog in it!

5. Wise and Otherwise, the board game.

That's about it. Hope everyone enjoys Thanksgiving (I know I will)!


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