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I left my cold in San Francisco: I am so happy to be back in the land of sunshine. Man, I'm such a wuss.

But NorCal was alright. Rachel, Susie and I hit Chinatown and FilipinoLand on our own, and Rachel liked the chinese bread! She can be my future travel buddy. The zoo was very nice, and it was neat to see the penguins and felines get fed. And Fisherman's Wharf is always an experience I enjoy. Who wouldn't enjoy yummy fish n chips and free Ghiradelli's chocolate? I like seeing all the people having fun during the holidays. I could have done without the penny cade, though.

Took the train to LA this morning. Here until Wednesday, then it's up to B-town for Grandma's funeral. I am very happy for Grandma; she has seemed very lonely and unfulfilled since Grandpa died. Now she is with him again. But, of course, it is always hard to lose someone special.

My favorite season is finally here-I love the holidays.

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