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[Comments] (3) The Epitome of Customer Service: I booked online for myself a night at The Wilshire Grand while in LA. I never was very tech savvy, and apparently put through a reservation through December 8 instead of November 8. I always did hate those little drop down calendars. Anyway, imagine the surprised look on the concierge's face this morning when I announced I was checking out.

He quickly regained his composure, asked why I wasn't staying until December 8, to which I became surprised and told him I didn't think my wife would like that one bit, and that's why. Once we figured out where each other was coming from, I apologized for clicking the wrong button online. To which he apologized for their system not being user friendly enough, and even so, it was probably an internal problem and not my fault in the least.

Bull. I checked my online statement, and sure enough, it said I had booked an extended 31-night stay at The Whilshire Grand. But it sure was nice to have him straight faced take one for the team like that. So nice, in fact, that I think I'll spend three nights there in December and three weeks there in January (thanks to audit training).

FYI--He did tell me that if you ever stay for more than a month, the hotel will pay the tax.


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