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[Comments] (5) God Bless Dewar's, every one.: For they had the egg nog ice cream I craved, and it was very yummy. For there was no one there, and we had fast service. For the dead aminals had on santa hats, and it was wierd. Thank you, Dewar's.

Susie and I spent the week in B-town for grandma's funeral. I got to be a casket bearer, which was an honor. Because my grandparents have around 30 grandchildren and/or died while I was little, I will probably never get that opportunity within my own family. I enjoyed the open-endedness of the funeral services. It was a refreshing change to the multiple hour Mormon services I am accustomed to. And Brother John did an excellent job. I don't know if I'll ever see that man again, but I'd like to. I would imagine that a Latino Baptist preacher is a rarity.

Since we were already in Kern County, Susie and I decided to stay put through Saturday to be with family. It was fun. I got plenty of study time in, worked all day Friday waiting for my car at Nature's Car Wash, watched The Music Man, and went to a Boar's Head Festival at the local Lutheran Church. It reminded me of high school choir performances, and was tastefully done. And they had wassail!

At Pat's house after the funeral, it was nice to sit back and talk with Shannon and Brian. Brian and Eric both asked Susie and me why we aren't parents yet. Eric made some off-hand Mormon joke out of it. But Brian's sister-in-law recently converted to Mormonism, so I tried to straighten out that misconception for him. I'm slowly putting the Richardson family puzzle together, and finally understand who belongs to whom, and who is dead.

On the way home Susie and I decided to go to Ikea. It's a pretty fun store, and I think it is very smart to make it so kid friendly, cuz then parents will bring the kids and buy them lunch in the food court they have. Yes, Ikea has its own food court. But I have to wonder. Some of there stuff is so cheap. How can I possbily trust a $50 ottoman I assemble myself not to break? I think it's a great concept for transient college students to shop there. I wish Utah had an Ikea. Oh well, I guess I shouldn't complain. After all, starving kids in China don't have Ikea.


Posted by John at Sat Dec 03 2005 17:36

Oh, and if you scroll down to the bottom of the previous page, the last entry entails our invite to Yosemite. And no one commented. No one! I refuse to feel guilty about this one. I guess you'll all have to eat little boxes of cereal in the 'burbs.

Posted by Frances at Sun Dec 04 2005 17:01

But I told you to your face that I would go!

Posted by Kristen at Sun Dec 04 2005 22:05

I went to IKEA in AZ while coming down to TX. I liked it, but I didn't really like their adult furniture. It is all for tiny people. The couches are too low to the ground and they are too short. Aaron would not survive.

Posted by Susie at Mon Dec 05 2005 07:48

Their furniture is mostly too modern to stand the test of time. Plus what John said about putting it together yourself...

Posted by Rachel at Mon Dec 05 2005 11:01

I think Ikea is bascially for people in their twenties. Once they get money they will replace the Ikea funiture with nice stuff. But to the college student, Ikea is a blessing... so I hear. All my college furniture was second-hand or from target.

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