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[Comments] (3) Turkish Delight: I now know what it is, and realize that I don't like it. Narnia was done pretty well. And seeing it opening night was not a prob. We got our tickets about an hour ahead of time, then grabbed a bite at Boudin, and went and got seats. It seemed slow moving at times, but I would never have guessed that the movie was 2.5 hours long until I looked at my watch at the end of the show.

I would have expected the audience to be mostly full of people who have actually read the books before, or at least understood their background. But there were a plethora of audible gasps and a shout of "whatthe" when the stone table broke and Aslan returned. Duh! He's Jesus Christ.

In other movie news, I finally saw Star Wars 3 on DVD this week. I actually liked it and wasn't bored with it, like I was in movie 1 and 2. It tied the pieces together, explained well why Yoda couldn't defeat Palpatine, immortality and Qui Gon Jin, etc. I didn't love it, but I liked it. Now the saga is complete in my head, and it's enough. We also watched A Christmas Story, the Grinch, and the Santa Clause this week. It's amazing--you can watch a whole movie at night when you only work until 5:30.

Today we are shopping, cleaning house, and going to Disneyland. We'll probably only get on about three rides the whole time, seeing that it's the holidays, but oh well. I just like being in that kind of atmosphere at Christmas.


Posted by Kristen at Sun Dec 11 2005 17:41

I think it was Louise that brought Turkish Delight to Christmas about 3 yrs ago, and I didn't like them either. I thought the White Witch did a superb job in the movie. And I also felt like I didn't have to go to church the next day with all the symbolism in the story.

Posted by Rachel at Mon Dec 12 2005 11:55

yum i love turkish delight!

Posted by Susie at Thu Dec 15 2005 15:30

You're not the only one John

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