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Christmas Wishes: Dear Santa:

My Christmas list has changed a little bit. The following items are new requests. I sincerely hope you can pull it off in five days.

1. After reading this article about the NYC transit strike, please help all those people be safe, and remind me to be thankful that I am not dependent on unions to get about.

2. Help mom to feel better, have the courage to turn up the heat, and NOT feel the need to overburden herself this Christmas. We can do without a fancy dinner, or all those Christmas cookies we never eat anyway, as long as DeWar's doesn't run out of eggnog ice cream.

3. Help me pass my last CPA exam, even though I've hit the wall, and seem to be slipping in my study habits. I'm so close.

4. Please knock some sense into our Primary President, so that we don't have to go to CTR 6 in January and play the piano, but can instead stay with our army of two year-olds. Or just send us a new member that both plays the piano and attends church on a regular basis. As Susie and I seem to be the only ones that fit this criteria, thus far, I realize this would truly be a miracle on Baker Street.

Yes, I believe that should do it.

Much obliged, and Merry Christmas



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