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[Comments] (3) The Simple Things: I received from Sumana for Christmas a rather neat book entitled "Christmas at the New Yorker." I love it. The cover has Santas all over it, making it a perfect Christmas coffee table decor, but even more than that, the stories and adverts are very funny, and each one is quite unique. I look forward to future winter nights in front of a fire (OK, maybe not in the OC) reading these stories.

Leonard also made homemade truffles, and I am afraid that I ate more than my fair share of them. Maybe it balances out, since I don't care for Christmas pudding.

It was a nice, peaceful Christmas and that makes me happy.

Unfortunately, I always seem to think that Christmas is the end all. I always think, oh that's after Christmas. I'll deal with that later. It's later now (2006 to be exact) and I have to start dealing with the new year, which, in public accounting, can be quite stressful. May it go swift enough to not be stressful, yet slow enough to be enjoyable, is my wish for the new year.


Posted by Susie at Wed Dec 28 2005 16:03

John is telling the truth. He's hardly put the book down!

Posted by Sumana at Wed Dec 28 2005 21:45

I'm quite glad you're enjoying the book! I figured its bite-sized bits would be great for pre-bedtime reading, but it sounds like it's great for regular reading too.

When I worked retail just before Christmas, I wrote, "I did not realize how completely retail had altered my perception of time until I saw my manager putting up the work schedule for next week. Time exists next week?"

Posted by Susie at Thu Dec 29 2005 07:07

Noelle and I were talking yesterday about how I never thought time existed in between Christmas and New Year's. (I think I actually called it fake time). Because when you're a kid/college student you just do nothing the whole time and have no plans. I can't remember last year, but I know the year before I was still hanging out with the family, even though I had to work New Year's Day. It's just weird to actually accomplish things. These two days at work.

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