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[Comments] (5) Always the Guinea Pig; Never the Guinea: I've said it before and I'll say it again: Rachel is going to miss Sadie. She was good in the car; my old dog never behaved that well. But I did leave her leash on her in the cave for convenience, and while I was driving and Susie was sleeping, she chewed it into three pieces.

She also didn't like our pit stop for her in Cedar City. She just shivered; but she is a Utah dog now so I hope she can adjust. She enjoyed our small house for about two hours and then her new owners came. I was hoping to keep her for the week and take her up to SLC on Saturday, but I suppose this was for the best.

Sadie was terrified of the kids (rightly so with one of them) and wouldn't leave me or Susie. After about 30 minutes she warmed up sufficiently to put her back in the cave and ship her off on the last leg of the journey. It made me cry, and I've spent an equivalent of 10 days with the mutt.

I hope they treat her well. Their oldest daughter, Megan, has a tendency to wander off; I would feel so guilty if they let Sadie do that. Megan randomly shows up and my brother's house at all hours of the day, and just invites herself in and goes through stuff. She started coloring in Susie's scripture journal last night as well. And Susie wonders why I am not ready to have kids. I've been told by Ashley (my sis-in-law) that when she takes Megan home, the dad doesn't leave the couch, so Megan invariably comes back over. But the mother was very nice, so I have high hopes for Sadie. And if they mistreat her, well, I know where they live.

Needless to say, I am not going through that ordeal ever again. Now I understand why a mother, only seeing a child for hours before giving it up for adoption, may never get over it. I hope that is one arena that I never have to deal with; so much red tape, and if you adopt, there is no guarantee that some jerk liberal judge won't give the child back to its "mother."

Did Rachel's taxes this weekend. Finished my own as well. I never got to relay the good news: After much deliberation, I reduced our total tax liability from $1300 to $650! Through getting an IRA and finding a Utah state secret deduction, we really showed the IRS who's who and what's what. FYI--In Utah, post-tax insurance premiums are deductible.

I miss Bakersfield already. It is quite pleasant there in February. Here, well, still no sign of the sun in weeks. Is it April yet?


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