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[Comments] (9) This one goes out to all the techies: So what is all the hype with the new Internet browser Firefox? Does anyone out there use it? How do it you get it? Complaints? Compliments? I am curious.


Posted by Alyson at Mon Feb 28 2005 20:25

We use Firefox exclusively, and we love it. One great advantage is that it blocks pop-up windows. That way you can browse the internet without filling your task bar and your screen with annoying advertisement windows.

Posted by Alyson at Mon Feb 28 2005 20:37

Oh, by the way, John, we don't know your friend Shaun, but we'll keep an ear out. We have a couple of single LDS guys living in our fourplex, so I thougt we might have some really freak coincidences, but I guess not. And your work friend from Cardston that knows Dave, if your think to ask what her maiden name is, maybe Dave will remember who she is.

Posted by Rachel at Mon Feb 28 2005 23:10

firefox is cool, we use it at work, the only problem is the same as with safari: some websites aren't sophisticated enough to support the different browsers.

Posted by Joe Walch at Tue Mar 01 2005 10:20

And, for those of us who happen to be blind (I guess that wouldn't be me). None of the accessibility software works with firefox or safari (programs like JAWS or MAGIC that interpret the internet information on the screen). I would love to use Apple computers as well, but they are simply useless for Louise, which is why we bought an IBM thinkpad, by the way. IBM has done some really great things for the blind in terms of accessibility. Last year they won a Wall Street Journal Technology award for their blind accessibility technology.

For all the bad (or evil as the case may be) that is inherent in Microsoft, they really do try to make things accessible to everybody, and that involves quite an investment (millions of dollars). I love Apple and their software, but they have done nothing to make it accessible to the blind.

I am nervous about Longhorn, the new windows, however, because all of the software that we have may not work with that new program. It can cost up to $1500 for one of these software programs.

Posted by Sumana at Tue Mar 01 2005 10:36

Joe, my sympathies. I hope you don't have to spend hundreds of dollars to upgrade your accessibility software.

John, you can download Firefox for free here:

It is faster than IE, more secure, and less likely to crash. Even the Department of Homeland Security told people to quit using IE.

Posted by John at Wed Mar 02 2005 21:22

So far, my experience with Mozilla is love/hate.

I love the way it notifies me if the internet goes out and doesn't erase my long crummy entries before doing so, as our wireless is also a love/hate relationship around here.

But for some reason, Mozilla and BYU email don't get along too well. For it to load properly, I have to use IE.

Of course, with all the problems BYU's web is having these days, I should probably lay the blame with the Y. How many more days before I don't have to deal with them anymore?

Posted by Susie at Wed Mar 02 2005 21:48


Posted by Alyson at Thu Mar 03 2005 15:28

Hmmm, that's strange. I don't ever have a problem using "Y"mail and Mozilla together. Maybe my e-mail wasn't loading properly either, and I just don't know what "properly" looks like.

Posted by John at Thu Mar 03 2005 16:12

BYU has been having major problems lately, especially with BlackBoard. It's so frustrating to pay good money for school and have nothing work right. I suppose the only way I'd be more frustrated is if I were at an expensive school.


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