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[Comments] (4) March Madness: A whole week of nice weather is now gone. It's so cold outside. March in Utah is such a tease.

Last weekend I taught my five year-old niece Ember her multiplication tables. Today my sister-in-law said that she does them every day now. Thus begins the makings of a good accountant.

I got a 99 on my individual tax test; it would have been 100, but I didn't know that a back-hoe was five year property, and I classified it as seven year property. Yeah, like I memorized the 70+ depreciation class tables. Oh well; I at least feel more confident in doing VITA with that grade.

Last night was fun. All of Susie's cousins came over for dinner. Susie made brocoli chicken casserole, and I made spinach salad. Dinner conversation included but was not limited to the followinng topics:

Let the good times roll.


Posted by Susie at Mon Mar 14 2005 16:53

Last night John kept saying ~You ate cat food, you ate cat food!~

Posted by Alyson at Mon Mar 14 2005 19:37

Hey, and what was he talking about?? Are you guys drudging up mean acts of the past?

Posted by John at Tue Mar 15 2005 08:15

I mentioned that I have this perception that the Richardson kids all seem to adore Alyson, and I was sad that she couldn't make it to our party.

Besides that, Shelly and Kristen remembered that memory. It's hard to say how it came up; our conversations were very stream of consciousness.

Posted by Kristen at Tue Mar 15 2005 12:53

John mentioned that the Richardson's adore Alyson and then Shelley said that Alyson made her eat cat food ground up in cottage cheese. It wasn't to be mean though Aly, we were all kidding. Everyone loves you for a reason.


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