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[Comments] (1) Death and Taxes: Susie and I are currently finalizing our IRA papers. Now Susie's all freaking out about contingent beneficiaries if we both die. My mom is cosigned on my credit union CD and money market, which is where all of our money is anyway.

But a good question has arisen. We now have a $3,000 IRA and another couple thousand dollars of petty cash in our Wells Fargo account. Since we really own nothing of value, we don't have a will. So if we were to die together (Susie's dream), then who gets that money, and how? And if a train leaves Wellington going fifty miles per hour at two o' clock...


Posted by Susie at Mon Mar 07 2005 08:29

See, here is your other exadgeration about me- freaking out? I just asked!


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