Traffic for 2005 March 5 (entry 1)

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Farmer's Daughter: My mom was at Grandma's house when we got there. We went out to Cedar Valley to the old ranchhouse where the Mexicans lived in the summer. The abandoned house has a cellar full of beer cans and shotgun shells, and the interior has paintgun spots all over it. My grandma remembers making sandwiches out there for the workers, and said she slept out there one night, and that was enough. To keep the mice out of bed, the beds were propped up on cans that the mice couldn't climb. We also went to the ranchhouse and surveyed the wheat coming in.

We passed Eagle Mountain on the way out. Whatever possessed people to live out there is beyond me. You might as well be commuting from Mexico as from there, though the air sure is clear out there. We could see the smog covering Provo from there, and I dreaded coming home.

Grandma took us to IHOP for dinner, and she also went there for breakfast with my cousin and her husband. She likes their chocolate malts, so there you have it. It was neat to learn more about my history today.


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