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[Comments] (2) Good News/Bad News: I'm up to my ears in tax returns. And they extended the VITA lab two more weeks until the end of March. The IRS should give me some sort of tax amnesty clause for this "act of charity." Though a lady of Tuesday said "God bless you" to me after she was done e-filing. I hope God will bless me on my Section 318 attribution test this weekend.

On another tangent, my niece told me on Sunday she can't wait until we move. That made me sad, until she explained that she wants to come visit me at Disneyland. We're getting annual passes for our first year out there, so come one, come all, and take advantage of our hospitality of free parking and 15% off Disney stuff with our passes.

On yet another tangent, the pretzel jell-o was a flop.


Posted by Susie at Thu Mar 10 2005 21:26

You're so smart and taxy!
I liked the jello. And so did your mom.

Posted by Joe Walch at Mon Mar 14 2005 12:17

We will come and visit you. Probably in May or June 2006 though.


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