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[Comments] (7) April Fool: My dad turns 63 today. For his party tonight, we are getting him the standard gift: Coconut Joy ice cream from the creams. My family thinks it's unfair that I always get to give him his favorite gift. They probably don't know that, for a gallon of ice cream, I could get a tank of gas for the same price. It's pricey. I don't know how we'll get it to him next year, though.

I've decided that there must be an Irvine, TX. At least four people have come up to me this last week to ask if I am excited to move to Texas. I said I would be if I knew I was moving there. When I explain that I am moving to California, they tell me that I am moving to Texas. Who really knows, maybe I am moving to Orange County, Texas. Surprise!

Been reading Newsweek, which is mostly about Terri Schiavo. So apparently the Catholic church is anti-birth control, death penalty, and ending life. It seems that Catholics have a list of rules longer than my own religion's; so the difference between Mormons and Catholics seems to be that, while the former actually follow such rules, the latter don't take the Vatican seriously at all. Going back to Terri, I think less focus should be on Congress meddling in personal affairs and use her brain damage as a reminder to young girls just how dangerous eating disorders can be. Without revealing my own opinion on the issue, according to typical stereotypes, I suppose I would be classified as an athiest lefty.

VITA has come and gone, leaving me continually amazed at people's inability to mismanage money. For example, my brother-in-law wants my sister to go back to school (she quit last year after acquiring her associates). But it's not so she can get a degree; it's for the tax deduction. They got all of their taxes back, thanks to the LLC, but when I tried to explain to him that a 20% credit is hardly worth the tuition, he zoned out. Then there is the "let's take advantage of college students" mentality. So many people who sold satellites and pest control over the summer were shocked that they owe taxes, because their employer treated them as an independent contractor. So not only did they owe federal and state, but SE tax. In essence, the business owner screwed them at a flat 7.45%. Word to the wise: tell your employer you'll rat him out to the IRS if they treat you this way.

I'm glad to see the sun is finally out today, and the snow will hopefully be confined to the mountains until I no longer reside here. Today is a day of errands: payed the taxes, bought our shore excursions for our cruise (which kicks off in 30 thirty days), reinvested second quarter dividends, and mailed off graduation announcements (which kicks off in 21 days)!

In closing: I can say Susie's phone number with my eyes closed!

Posted by Susie at Fri Apr 01 2005 12:42

Did you tell the Palmer's that about pest control selling?


Posted by Kristen at Fri Apr 01 2005 16:10

Where do you get graduation announcements? I don't know if we should send some out for Aaron. Graduating is a big deal (at least to me) but he is not done yet. Plus I don't want people thinking that the reason we are sending them out is for a handout. I see it as more of a Christmas card thing.
There is an Irvine or Irving TX, I don't remember which. Where is it that they sell $20 gallons of ice cream?

Posted by John at Fri Apr 01 2005 16:16

I made my own graduation announcements. The school sent me a thing about ordering them, but you had to get a minimum of 25 cards and they were way expensive and mine are cooler and more tailored to my getting two degrees anyway. But if you wanted to order some, I probably still have the paper and could give it to you.

I'll admit, I only send them to people who will give me stuff or I think will come. Otherwise, it's not worth the cost/effort.

The ice cream is $5, so I was exaggerating. But that's still really expensive ice cream. It's from the creamery on ninth. I hate going in there. So many freshman with their pent-up hormones.

Posted by John at Fri Apr 01 2005 16:17

Oh, and Susie, I didn't tell Brandt. He did VITA, so he should know better. I never did that cuz, 1099 or W-2, I only go door-to-door for the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Posted by Kristen at Fri Apr 01 2005 20:15

How did you make them?

Posted by John at Sun Apr 03 2005 21:52

It was a scrapbook type card on blue paper with a y die-cut and I used vellum paper on the inside with the announcement part eyeletted into the card. Nothing too special.

Posted by Joe Walch at Mon Apr 04 2005 13:08

About your comment on being classified as an Atheist Lefty, Louise and I were at our in-laws and we had a bit of a controversial discussion over the dinner table. You can read my blog to hear about that.


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