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[Comments] (7) Techno Geek: I have officially entered the 21st century: I sold an item on half.com! It was a momentous occasion, including lowballing the price and highballing the competition. We'll see if I really get paid or not (I am still rather skeptical of the whole eBay scene myself). But an unneeded textbook on business law that cost as much as it did deserves to live out the remainder of its days in the likes of Detroit, MI. Yeah, right. It will probably see the world before the next edition comes out. Oh that I were a textbook.

It's wierd; I feel as though I should call the buyer and talk to her about the sale, ya know, give it a customer service angle. I am not used to the faceless sale yet. With that said, I don't think I would sell my personalty online.

Took my second to last test this morning, and got a 97! Only one more test covering the basics of liquidations, stock distributions and the oh-so-fun exceptions of 305(b) and 306, and voila, life moves on.

But "school" isn't over yet. I signed up for my first set of CPA review classes, which start in May. Because there are four parts to the exam, it will be at least a year before I can bid adieu to "school" and tests. Oh well, I guess that means I've got another year before I have to grow up, then.

We got a new bishop yesterday. I should have seen it coming, but I didn't. I'll probably never know the new one, as we are moving in July. That is, we are moving if we can ever find a friggin place to move in to. And I thought apartment hunting in Provo was difficult.

Sumana: Let me know your innermost hopes and desires for your Utah experience, so I can tailor it to your needs.


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