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[Comments] (4) One Moment in Time: It was a very eventful weekend. I enjoy vacations, even if I didn't go anywhere. But it always leaves me wondering how time can go by so fast on such weekends as these and yet so slow during an 8-5 work shift, or during a certain classes at my now alma mater. Highlights of the weekend are as follows:

All in all, it was a weekend of making the impossible possible.

Posted by Rachel at Sun Apr 24 2005 23:45

You forgot to mention the babies at graduation :)

Posted by Kristen at Mon Apr 25 2005 18:00

We missed you Rach! I am not suprised you graduated Magna Cum Laude! Congrats! Was the meat for liquor thing our conversation at MG?

Posted by Sumana at Mon Apr 25 2005 19:19

I remember a meat-for-liquor conversation at Thaifoon in SLC, where I proposed that John try liquor in exchange for my trying meat. He pointed out, and I agreed, that I'd have the worse end of the bargain.

Posted by John at Tue Apr 26 2005 12:40

I was referring to the conversation with Sumana, but Kristen and I did have a conversation on cooking meat in liquor for flavor. It doesn't all cook out.


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