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[Comments] (2) Good Times: We found a place to live! It all started by visiting Orange and Tustin. Both places, while very cheap, are run down and slightly scary. Orange especially. We would be in a four plex above two cohabitating mentally challenged individuals. We were told they were in a scary neighborhood. Well, the neighborhood was very very nice. It was the apartment itself that was scary. We opted out.

Next we went to South Coast Plaza so Susie could see my office. We ate there at a soup and bread bowl place. The last apartment complex before I gave up on life was the Avalon in Costa Mesa, two miles from the office, and about 10 miles from Uncle Justin's. Wow. They were cheap AND nice! We didn't think it was possible. We get a garage, and are 30 seconds from the 405 and the 55. We quickly signed, and are locked into an apartment. We both feel good of it.

Now we can relax tomorrow. So far we've gone to my nephew Justin's baseball game, played a bunch of games with Tyler, and studied for the CPA exam. I've done seven of the 50+ lectures on regulations alone. It's going to be a long year studying for this test.

I got a 4.00 on my last semester at BYU. With all my grades in, that means I am officially allowed to graduate now. My final GPA was a 3.91! Could have (and should have) been higher, but oh well. Right now I am watching the angels beat the twins with my nephew Chad. Two more days until our cruise!!!


Posted by rachel at Fri Apr 29 2005 19:29

you can walk to work!

Posted by Sumana at Sat Apr 30 2005 08:44

I am glad for you! Yay that apartment-hunting is done!


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