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[Comments] (9) Work Hard for the Money: I know I have slacked in writing; but unlike others who only sporadically update, I have many valid reasons, none of which can be tied to slothfulness.

First, I work. Usually my day begins at 5 am with a two-hour study session. Then it's off to work (which thankfully only takes 10 minutes) and I work from 7:30-6:30 and then study another hour for the CPA test. Then I finally come home, eat dinner, play the piano for half an hour or go to the hot tub for half an hour, and then go to bed around 9 or 10. Rachel can verify this story. On the days she sleeps over, I study in the closet.

But yesterday I took my second and hardest CPA. So I'm half done. I'm taking the smallest one next, but not until November. So for the next few months, I won't be getting up until 6!

Then there's Saturday. Sometimes I work; sometimes I study; sometimes we go to Disneyland. We've been three times, and we always stay longer than we plan to. Last night we stayed late enough to watch the fireworks and the Electrical Parade. And Susie dared to go on Tower of Terror again. We've hit most of the rides at least once by now, with the exception of a few. We're going again in a month with EY; Rachel's even coming and bringing a friend.

Sunday is spent at the Van's. I always get some sob story from either my sister of Susie that Tyler misses me. When Susie goes over to help with my sister's business, Tyler goes around the house looking for me. So Sunday is not my day either; it belongs to a 3-year old. But it's enough to get me my kid fix for the week.

But I love being busy. I'm in my prime. I'm a doer and a busybody. The one sad thing is I seldom cook anymore. Heck, I don't even know where anything is in our new kitchen yet.

Back on Disneyland. It's so interesting to just watch people there. I swear, some people have no concept that they don't have the park exclusively for themselves. They walk slow and swing their arms wide, taking up the entire sidewalk so that no one with an agenda can pass them. Then there are the strollers. Susie and I think they should be banned once a month. And it's just always fun to look at people's tattoos, hairdos, and Disney junk they've bought and will never wear again outside the park because they would look absolutely ridiculous. As an aside, I think they look ridiculous inside the park as well, but as my role as fashion police is still only a self-appointed title, I keep my mouth shut and smile.

This lady yesterday at Big Thunder Mountain was going off on her husband about, well, who cares anyway? Watching her get so upset with him was entertainment enough. Doesn't she realize what a shrew she looked like? But people will always be people.

What with the temple open house, I've had lots of opportunities to discuss my religion with my coworkers. So if my mom reads this entry, that is why I am no longer in Utah. Well, that, Disneyland, Tyler, and the fact that the weather here is simply amazing.

[Comments] (3) True Life Updates: My tax return can wait a moment. I had an experience last night I need to write about. Since Susie had Enrichment last night, I went to the Angel's game with work. The box suite is a sweet ride; free food, and you can sit inside and talk during the boring moments of the game.

Anyway, I was dropped off at my car around 10:00 and promptly got on the 405 N and then the 55 S, and as I was getting off the exit to our home, I saw black smoke billowing in the sky. Panic struck me: my house is on fire. As I got to the intersection adjacent to our complex, I saw a raging inferno and a van engulfed in flames. I was about 10-15 cars back from it. I called 911 to find they had already been contacted. The fire dept. got there about a minute later, and I was sure I was doomed to be stuck on the off-ramp for hours. Ten minutes later I was home. Very efficient; and since I saw no ambulance at that point, I am hoping that means the driver escaped.

But honestly, the horror. I was convinced my home was on fire. But Susie was home in bed. I can't imagine what the real thing must be like. I am grateful my home is safe, and pleased with the efficiency of the firemen. Kudos to them.

K. Back to state apportionment. Back to my life.

[Comments] (1) Don't Believe Everything You Hear: I don't care what people say, I thought the Newport Beach Temple was breathtaking. People complain about small temples, but having served in a small temple for two years, I have grown accustomed to them. This temple was larger than Hong Kong.

I played hookie from work for about 3 hours today to take one of our interns from last summer to the temple open house. It was a great experience. It was interesting to hear the questions he asked, mostly because I knew that they came from people trying to dissuade his interest in the church. He's a really good friend and I hope he liked what he saw and heard. Having been off my mission for four years, and not experienced in sharing the gospel in english, it was a challenge for me to answer his questions. But afterward I felt very good about being able to take someone of another faith to the temple to learn about my faith.

It felt so good to be back in the temple. Susie and I have already made an appointment for September 16, the day after busy season. Hopefully I'll be alive to go!

So glad tomorrow's Friday, even though I have to work on Saturday. Our friends from Valencia are coming down Saturday to spend the night with us and go to the temple; it should be fun. And that'll be the weekend.

[Comments] (1) Wake me up before you go-go: We were glad to have so many visitors this weekend. Friday night we enjoyed mom and tolerated Gretel. I'm glad Susie got to spend time with her as I had to work 7 hours that day. I actually enjoy working Saturdays--it's quiet, I can wear jeans and flip-flops, and I get free lunch. Yummy CPK Thai pizza!

Less than an hour after mom left, our friends from Utah, Tyler and Tasha, came to see us. We went to the ESPN restaurant in Downtown Disney. The food was good; Susie and I each had the tortilla soup, which was yummy because it had chunks of avocado in it. We also split the cookie and ice cream in a skillet montage. I'm such a sucker for that stuff. And we get 10% off there with our Disney cards. But the big screen was showing NFL, of which I'm not a fan. Rather be watching the Angels and the MLB. I'd recommend the restaurant, though; it was a neat place to eat.

Went to the temple again. Good times.

Head Up: Susie and I are planning on camping in Yosemite next May or June. Anyone in California is welcome to join in the fray. We can make reservations starting in January, which I fully intend to do. Come one, come all.

[Comments] (4) Gym Membership: One of my coworkers never made it to the temple open house, though she is still interested in going. She asked if it is possible for me to take her on my membership card, or get her a guest pass. I had to explain to her that the temple is NOT a gym.

Speaking of the gym, I need to start going. I work so much and eat snacks during my 60+ hour weeks that a workout would do me good. So Susie and I make a point of going to Disneyland every other week (we're going tomorrow night). It's a totally free, strenuous workout.

Susie and I had the missionaries over for dinner tonight. One elder was from Manti and the other from Arkansas. We had a nice conversation with them and learned a lot about how the work fares in paradise. We are volunteer ushering at the temple dedication this Sunday, after which we have been invited to dinner by our neighbors. There's never enough time to get it all done.

[Comments] (4) Update: I got my first CPA exam score last night--passed with a 94. Now just waiting for the second score to come back and studying for the third part.

[Comments] (3) Destiny's Nickname: My current manager (Patti, or Ping, in chinese) calls me John John. No biggie; I've been called worse. Then I realized that my old boss at BYU called me that as well. We didn't part on very good terms (to put it mildly) so we shall never speak of her again. It's just interesting that only my superiors think of such a name.

I've got three weeks to put together 17 state returns, which may drop to 14, thanks to the hurricane in the south right now. Part of the tax relief effort is to delay the tax deadline. Whatever it takes to make the government feel like it's doing its part.

The temple dedication was really interesting yesterday. We ate dinner at a member's home yesterday and learned that each session had a different theme with different talks. Kudos to the prophet and his counsellor for writing four talks! Just when I was starting to feel like general conference talks were being recycled by some apostles, they go and change it up like that. And to think how much I agonize over giving just one talk every few years.


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