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[Comments] (7) Mixed Emotions: Susie and I were called to be the Nursery leaders in church yesterday. I'm excited cuz I like kids at that age, I get to play with toys at church for two hours, and it may just be that natural birth control Susie needs in here life right now.... I'm also glad cuz it's one of those "sunday only" callings, as I don't have a lot of time during the week to give to other church organizations.

But I'm also a little bummed. We're new to the ward, Susie and I were just making friends, and now we'll never see them anymore. Also, since we are doing this solo, we really need to be there every week, meaning that visiting B-town just got a lot more difficult.

Yesterday I took VeggieTales silly songs to my sister's house to watch with Tyler. But Chad and Justin liked it so much they watched it twice. Then for dinner we had cheeseburgers, so of course we all started singing the cheeseburger song, which led to singing all the other songs. I think my sister is a little worried now about our potential influence on her little ones. Good thing David was out of town.

I'm tired of working on Saturdays.


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