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[Comments] (2) 2006 it is: Susie and I went to Disneyland yesterday morning and stayed until around 2 pm. We got on all the thrill rides and even went on the new Monsters, Inc. ride @ California Adventure. But then it started pouring rain, so we headed home.

Susie and I ordered pizza and went to bed at 10. When I woke up, it was 2006.

Today was my first day trying church at 11 am. It's not too shabby--you can sleep in and still get home at a reasonable hour. It was also my first Sunday as a CTR 6 teacher. I've learned that you don't teach five year-olds, though. You do this mix of baby-sitting, snacking, and game repetition to drive home "choosing the right." Our class is three boys and three girls, but two of the boys were gone today. So that left me with 3 princesses and a boy with Down Syndrome (he's the reason we teach the class--no one else would and they knew, from observing me in Nursery, my unending patience). He's not too hard to handle--he colors well. You just have to watch the door, cuz he likes to run away.

Five year-olds are funny. Every thing I say leads us off on some undesireable tangent:

Me: Does Jesus love you?

Kid #1: My next door neighbor does. Her house is blue, and ours is green.

Kid #2: My dog loves me. His name is Napoleon Dynamite. That movie is so funny. Have you seen it?

Kid #3: I'm hungry. I like Goldfish.

Me: So, does Jesus like it if we choose the right?

Kid #1: Yes, but sometimes I choose the wrong.

Kid #2: Christopher always chooses the wrong. He's mean to everybody.

Me: Who's Christopher?

Kid #2: A boy at school.

Kid #1: I go to the same school as Charlotte. But not Joshua. He's in Hawaii on vacation.

Kid #3: I have marker on my hand.

Kid #2: Do you remember Summer?

Me: I don't know Summer.

Kid #2: From Napoleon Dynamite. Her boyfriend is wierd. And we should vote for Pedro. That's choosing the right.

Can't hardly wait for next week!


Posted by Susie at Mon Jan 02 2006 10:54

hehee! John did a great job of handling things while I had to lead the music in Primary...

Posted by Jill at Tue Jan 03 2006 21:10

That is a fantastic narrative. I would end up laughing hysterically and would only encourage them more. sadly I have heard many conversations just like that...from my 21-26yr old neighbor boys. I guess osmethings never change!

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