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[Comments] (2) My Name is Asher Lev: I like to tease my nephews and nieces. In particular, I like to tease them about tacos. It started with always asking Ember how many tacos she wanted for her birthday/how many tacos she thought Santa would bring her.

I started teasing Tyler in the same fashion recently. He thinks it is very funny to joke about such things. In fact, he started telling me that his name is no longer Tyler David Van Oostendorp, but is now Tyler David Van Taco. My sister and brother-in-law confirmed for me that he does indeed instruct others to address him as such. Who needs Playhouse Disney and Gerald McBoing Boing to "develop a child's sense of humor" when there are tacos?


Posted by Rachel Richardson at Fri Jan 06 2006 11:45

Van Taco is a pretty darn cool last name. Perhaps I will name one of the characters in one of my novels that.

Posted by Alyson at Sat Jan 07 2006 13:49

Atticus and Samuel think taco jokes are funny, too. The word taco must strike a linguistic funny bone.

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