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[Comments] (5) I Agree: So EY has made the "Top 100 Companies to Work For" again (8th year in a row). This article describes how a company that expects so much of its employees can possbily be seen as a great place to work.

It's hard not to agree with their assessment while spending two weeks at the Sheraton. My bed is the most comfortable bed I've ever slept in.


Posted by Susie at Wed Jan 11 2006 15:36

I liked that bed! =D miss you!

Posted by Susie at Thu Jan 12 2006 11:20

That article was interesting. I thought it was interesting that 92% of FedEx managers worked their way up through the ranks. That's like at E&Y too! They never go out recruiting managers, they promote from within. I also agree that you should challenge new employees. Boredom is the best demotivator.

Posted by Kristen at Thu Jan 12 2006 12:49

I heard rumors of a move to Houston? Yikes, should I have said that. We would love it!

Posted by John at Thu Jan 12 2006 13:48

No need to be secretive about it. Susie and I have considered moving to "more affordable" markets, but not for at least two years. I don't want to be a flake and move right after I started. Plus we love it here so we want to "wait out the market" a bit.

But we are considering multiple markets. And Houston was mentioned because mom mentioned wanting to be near her sister, and that there is a good hospital in the area.

Still not sure I can handle the weather in TX, however....

Posted by Kristen at Sat Jan 14 2006 10:15

Summers are bad particularly August-September. But Oct-May is wonderful.

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