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[Comments] (4) To, From: To Mom: I've heard you'd like the family to all be together one day. Well, Jamie and I anxiously await everyone's relocation to Southern California.

To the California Board of Accountancy: Thank you for the six months of endless studying. It is over. I have triumphed. Consider me certified.

To E&Y: You owe my $650; consider me certified.

To Alyson: Another plug for visiting us in SoCal: I haven't seen a Wal-Mart since I moved here. Seriously. And I don't try to avoid it.

To the IRS: I spent three hours this morning calculating my refund. As you can see, my accounting prowess has more than tripled my refund from the prior year. Please promptly send, as I have an Alaskan cruise to pay for, including a helicopter ride and a dog-mushing session.

To Susie: Well, it's my turn to be stuck at home. So have fun in Las Vegas. Don't forget me. And please spend your money on scrapbooking, and not on gambling. We work way too hard. See you Wednesday.

To my primary children: Please go easy on me tomorrow. I'm flying solo.

To my big belly: You knew this day would come. Study time is over. Workout time has come. Please go away quickly.



Posted by Susie at Mon Jan 30 2006 19:53

hehe! belly.

The only thing I have spent money on is food! All the scrapbooking stuff I've gotten is free. Actually, mostly I got "other" stuff. glue. some magazines. some ink. Some mints. tomorrow is make-n-take day!

I love you!

PS: I gave Elayne a quarter to gamble. Us Mormon girls just watched.

Posted by Alyson at Wed Feb 01 2006 10:36

No Walmart?!? It must be Eden. Congrats!!

Posted by Susie at Thu Feb 02 2006 11:17


Posted by Sumana at Fri Feb 03 2006 16:35

John, congratulations on your accounting triumphs, and thanks for your advice on classes to take.

I simply cannot believe you'd have an undesirably "big" torso under any circumstances.

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