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[Comments] (5) Blast from the Past: Because it is officially spring in the OC, Susie and I did some spring cleaning this weekend. Now, first, I should mention that my body is very confused right now. It was like 80 degrees today, and was pretty hot even at the beach. I'm not used to seeing "popcorn popping on the apricot tree" in February. But I like it.

But back to spring cleaning. We found some old, unlabeled VHS cassettes that Susie decided must be mine. One in particular was quite old and very dusty. I was certain that we had somehow acquired a copy of that video from The Ring. Well. Upon watching said movies, one was a bunch of taped re-runs of Lois & Clark (soooo not mine), the next was Leonard lip sync'en hard core in the vineyard (I'd give you the name of the song, but I don't follow pop culture too well), and the third was Rachel and Susie doing dance moves to Mariah Carey in Rachel's room. The video concluded with Rachel cleaning her room the following day. Why did she video tape cleaning her room is the question of the day.

Susie really enjoyed watching her family "in history." I guess you'd have to be there, cuz I think I'd rather have taken my chances with the videotape from The Ring.


Posted by Susie at Sun Feb 12 2006 19:34

hee hee hee hee hee !! Rachel, you will have to watch the one of us dancing next time you visit!

Posted by Rachel at Sun Feb 12 2006 20:42

hahahaha, oh boy.

Posted by Susie at Mon Feb 13 2006 09:41

Still laughing.

Posted by Leonard at Wed Feb 15 2006 05:38

I don't remember this video, unless it was a practice tape for the high school lip sync contest. Was it just me or were Dario et al. in the tape?

Posted by Susie at Wed Feb 15 2006 07:20

et al. It was a practice video in the backyard

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