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[Comments] (8) Just Desserts: Yesterday in primary was very tough without Susie. Spencer, the boy with Down's Syndrome, refused to sit still. I took Susie's rubix cube, which is all mess up now (sorry Susie) and quelled him for about half of the general session. But then during singing time I finally just took him outside and let him run around. When I got back, all the kids were being quite noisy and obnoxious, except for my class. They were sitting quietly like angels. And they were teacherless. Well. Susie says I spoil them with too many treats. But after yesterday's performance, they earned it all. I was very proud.

The four year-old class teacher did not show up. So they came to class with me, in exchange that the Primary President's husband watch Spencer. It went very well, except that one girl got chalk all over her dress. Four year-olds are too young for chalk; yet, there was no time to modify my lesson at that point. Spencer's a good kid, and I feel bad knowing that his mother has to deal with his ailment all day every day. And I only have to do it for two hours a week. I hope God's not preparing me for something here.

In other news, Tyler knows Weezer and Green Day. He truly is a four year-old going on eleven.

In other, sadder news, a friend of Susie's and mine found out her husband is cheating on her. That is so sad to me. Some life experiences I hope to completely allude all of my mortal days.


Posted by Susie at Mon Feb 20 2006 09:40

Yes! I have been waiting for my Rubik's cube to be magically messed up so I can fix it. I just haven't the courage to mess it up myself.

thanks for doing primary all by yourself!!! I love you.

Posted by Alyson at Mon Feb 20 2006 12:04

Primary is still better than EQ though, right? I like being in Primary, too. Why is it that EQ has such a bad reputation. Never been, so I don't know.

Posted by Alyson at Mon Feb 20 2006 12:05

I should say I don't know why it is consistently disliked by the individuals I know.

Posted by John at Tue Feb 21 2006 08:02

Ten Reasons to hate EQ:
1. Seldom does the teacher prepare a lesson.
2. Most teachers I've had teach "at" you, not to you. Classroom participation is not a phrase they understand, which usually means I daydream.
3. They pass around a multidude of various sign-up sheets that guilt you into doing stuff you don't want to do.
4. The only EQ experience I have is at BYU, wherein EQ was "Elder showoff" time to share the lamest mission stories starring themselves as some miracle worker who, through obedience levels I couldn't possibly comprehend, baptized thousands of now less active people somewhere in Chile. I'm so sick of hearing it.
5. Also along the BYU line, EQ is highly political and is full of cliques. That was fine when I was single--I had roommates to sit by. But my first year in our married ward, not a single person approached me the whole year. The next year I made friends with our next-door neighbor and that was that. We never paid attention, except to make fun of people.
6. Did I mention how utterly boring it is? I think time actually stops in EQ sometimes.
7. There is no snack time or nap time.
8. We always get told we do everything wrong and should do as the sisters do. But nothing ever changes. Tell the freakin' EQ pres, not me. Get off my back, man.
9. EQ Pres are usually pompous. Except me, of course. I was never like that when I was EQ Pres....
10. I can stand on my head.

Posted by Alyson at Tue Feb 21 2006 15:39

Actually, I don't know why I said I don't understand why most men I know dislike EQ. What I don't understand is why it has to be so disagreeable, or why people don't improve it. Does anyone like it, except for the individuals that like to hear themselves speak, and happen to be the teachers?

Your list makes me laugh.

Posted by Susie at Wed Feb 22 2006 07:17

I laughed too.

"No, no; He has a point."

Posted by Joe at Wed Feb 22 2006 12:27

I enjoyed EQ in Leon Valley.

I prepared a lesson the other week. It was EQ/HP combined. I had nice little questions cut out like gospel doctrine and everybody looked at me like "You expect me to use this slip of paper--hey I'm retired man."

I also tried to break everybody up into 4 groups to discuss their questions on paper--I gave them 10 minutes, after 4 minutes of silence the EQ president started talking to the class about his question! ARGG!!

They also have not instructor so every week the EQ Pres askes less active members of EQ and HP to give the lesson: "Bro Johnson, we haven't seen you in a while would you like to give the lesson for next week." After repeatedly saying no somebody reluctantly agrees and turns up "sick" the next week.

This is Missouri after all.

One plus is that there is no pretense to self-righteousness.

Posted by Susie at Mon Feb 27 2006 10:17

you didn't say anything about cleaning the house!

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