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[Comments] (5) Another Week, Another Weekend: I forgot to write that last weekend I went to my very first professional hockey game. It was the LA Kings vs. some people wearing blue @ Staple's Center. It was a recruiting event for our intern and a potential hire, along with me and a manager. We got to sit in the suite. And that means dessert cart! I tried the orange dreamsicle cheesecake, and it was amazing. Yes, the Staple's Center has one up on the Cheesecake Factory.

Hockey is a pretty fun sport. Though I don't quite understand why they let them fight. I mean, they are wearing a lot of padding. But still, who wrote into the rules that fights are allowed? Don't get me wrong, the fights are fun to watch. But really. After having seen Canadian parliament on teevee, I've decided some hoser in our neighbor to the north must have written that rule into the agenda.

This week, on Wed. night, they had a post-busy season party at a pub. I don't normally go to these things, but since Susie was playing hostess at our place that night, I went. It was awful to sit there and watch people, so-called professionals, get so hammered. I didn't drive there, but I did drive a group back to the office. The next day I asked my coworker how he ended up getting home safely. He said he drank a lot of water and sat around the office for another hour "working" until he felt ok. So staying late at the office is the price you pay for drinking. No thank you. I'd hate to think the kind of work people put out there while intoxicated. But anyway.

This weekend I'm a bachelor. But instead of a night on the town, I'm gonna plan my primary lesson and re-evaluate our IRA's. I guess that is the price I pay for not drinking.


Posted by Susie at Sat Mar 25 2006 18:59


Posted by Sumana at Sun Mar 26 2006 20:43

Indeed it is stupid to get hammered at all, and stupider yet to then try to work. This person's over 21 and a drinker and he doesn't know yet how to drink responsibly? Sheesh. Hangovers, or the tedious steps necessary to prevent hangovers once one's gotten very drunk, are one of the prices for excessive drinking.

But there is such a thing as harm reduction in partaking of alcohol, and for your sake as well as your coworkers' sake I am glad that you participated in one of its institutions: the designated driver.

Posted by Sumana at Sun Mar 26 2006 20:44

Hold on, post-busy season? It's not April 15th yet - is most of the work over ahead of time?

Posted by Susie at Mon Mar 27 2006 07:15

John's big project was a March 15 deadline.

Posted by John at Mon Mar 27 2006 08:23

April 15 is a partnership/individual return deadline. I work on all corporate returns, which means the following:
March 15. Federal return extension is due.
Also, somewhere between March 15 and March 31 (the latter in my case), public companies release earnings, and although that is an audit term, we still help out there.
April 15, our state extensions are due.

Thus, I have a plethora of deadlines, but the biggest are over now. I survived.

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