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[Comments] (3) The Plague of Singledom: As Susie was out of town yesterday, I once again went to church on my own. Now, I must admit, I really don't care. Most of the people in our ward, I've noticed, don't come when I know their significant other is out of town. I go anyway. But there is a small price to pay when doing so.

I got to church, as usual, about 5 minutes early. Susie and I sort of have a pew that is more or less ours. It's one of the small ones on the side. But the people sitting in front of it this week have a little three year-old girl, Emily, that likes to stare at me the whole meeting (we used to have her in nursery). I didn't want to cause a problem, so I sat in the middle on one of the larger pews. The meeting started, and alas, I had the entire pew to myself. It is as if everyone thought, "Oh, no, don't sit next to the single guy: It might be contagious!" Finally during the sacrament the Waldrons sat next to me with their party of 10+.

For all I know maybe they think Susie and I are separated. We are apart quite a bit on the weekend these days, unfortunately. The Bishop caught me and asked me where Susie was, so I told him she was visiting her mother. I wonder if he bought it?

In class, the lesson was particularly dull this week. So I made a puzzle out of the picture we were supposed to color and we played hangman as one of the activities to win another puzzle piece. Now, these kids like the game, but really can't read. So when it was all said and done I asked them if they knew what they had spelled. Clayton said "Damn It?" This is what comes of having three older brothers, I suppose.


Posted by Susie at Mon Mar 27 2006 10:44

Still laughing over Clayton.... this was our shy kid when we started the class!

Posted by Alyson at Mon Mar 27 2006 12:23

Three older brothers or two older parents. Ha!!

You never know, John. "She's visiting her mother" sounds a little suspect, too ;).

I'm sure no one has thought about it that much.

Posted by John at Mon Mar 27 2006 20:29

Not this kid's parents. They are saints. He likes to burp a lot too, so I'm really gonna go with the older brothers on this one...

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