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[Comments] (3) Hollywood Horror: Finished reading The Count of Monte Cristo Monday night. Wow. I've seen the movie, and it boggles me that they share the same name. They merged two villians into one, Albert is not the Count's son, he doesn't buy the prison in the end, the Count has a different love at the conclusion, and two very major subplots don't even exist in the movie. I don't even think you could say that the movie is even remotely based on the book. Poor Dumas. Good thing he doesn't know....


Posted by Kristen at Thu Mar 30 2006 05:48

So which did you like better?

Posted by John at Thu Mar 30 2006 10:13

Probably the book. Books tend to always be better. The movie had a very "and they lived happily ever after" feel to it. The book resolved itself with quite a bit of happiness, but was more realistic, more life-like, more complex.

Posted by Alyson at Thu Mar 30 2006 10:46

Yeah, a lot of moviemakers lack the imagination to make up an entire story on their own. Tweak a few things in a great book and viola! A blockbuster hollywood rip-off.

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