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[Comments] (2) Adventures in Babysitting: We watched our neighbor Payton so his mom and dad could go to the temple Thursday night. Payton is almost two. He had a lot of energy. He did laps around me at one point for about 10 minutes. When his parents got home, he ignored them and kept on playing with me and Susie. His mom couldn't believe it. Normally he runs to her, she said.

Everyone says this proves I'll be a good father. I still have doubts. It's easy to be an entertainer when you know your energy only has to last for three hours. It is entirely another matter to do it full time.

We're visiting mom for conference weekend. Mostly, we are trying to think up creative things to do with her two-foot Christus she recently acquired. I'm of the opinion that one does not need such things littering around their abode to prove one is a true Christian, to themselves or to others. Tonks sure does like it, though.


Posted by rachel at Sat Apr 01 2006 21:48

he likes the box!

Posted by Alyson at Sun Apr 02 2006 13:59

Give it to Frances' Molly friend, Janet. Sounds like she'd like it.

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