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[Comments] (4) Sunny Days: All weekend I listened to somebody I am related to complain about Daylight Savings Time. I like daylight savings time, for many reasons.

1. It's a change of pace.

2. I can get home before dark now, and actually do something outside. What a concept.

3. I still get up when it's dark now, so I don't have to feel like a total lazy bum. (I've started working out again to appease Susie).

4. Busy season's over, so who cares about the missed hour of sleep? I mean, really, since the effects of this day are on a Sunday, I slept just as late as I would have otherwise.

5. It saves energy. And that saves money. And I like money.

I went to Priesthood session of conference by myself. And it was no big deal. I don't understand why people are afraid to do things alone. I mean, I know no one in Bakersfield, so what? I went, I got lost in Oildale, I communed, I came home, I ate a blondie. What's the big deal? It was nice to hear President Hinckley talk about racism and acceptance. Which has left me wondering about a certain topic I read about in NewsWeek not too long ago, that is, where do you draw the line on acceptance?

For example, same sex marriage. If we, as a society, decide to accept the notion that marriage is not just between a man and a woman, and can be between a man and a man, then why not between a man and multiple women? Or to animals? Where do you draw the line? And please don't read between the lines, because I don't know the answer, nor am I playing devil's advocate. The essence of the question is that, in order to be more accepting, does that mean accepting everything, or not? And what is the deciding factor? These are the thoughts in my head of late.


Posted by Susie at Mon Apr 03 2006 13:40

Thanks for not making me get up in the dark all by myself! I was so confused when you got up, because I woke up all night and was confused about what time it was.
Sorry I got you lost in Oildale!

Posted by Sumana at Tue Apr 04 2006 05:20

A) I think the only thing about the Daylight Savings switch that bothers people is the hassle of changing all the clocks and our circadian clocks. The actual effects of saving daylight go sort of unnoticed under all the hassle.

B) Going to things by onesself is underrated! My friend Adam once said in frustration that he wanted to only go to art-type events by himself, because on the way home the person who liked it always ends up defending his like of it to the person who didn't like it.

C) If you'd like to talk about the "where do we draw the line?" stuff with someone who isn't a radical anarchist, feel free to call me sometime. I figure blog comments aren't the best place to elucidate my own confused feelings on prohibition, same-sex marriage, and all the other questions of libertarianism.

Posted by John at Tue Apr 04 2006 13:00

I read, Sumana, that your native India has now adopted Daylight Savings for the first time.

Posted by Joe Walch at Fri Apr 07 2006 10:26

My addiction doesn't hurt anybody! As long as they give me what I want. ;)

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