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[Comments] (6) Settled: Back from a semi-relaxing jaunt to Bakersfield and then on to Utah. Words cannot express the loss of a loved one. Mostly, I felt like Jellybean all week; that is, lost, alone, and kinda bored. But these are some of the things people have told me that last few days that have had an impression on me:

Hannah: My daddy's in Chicago now. John: Really? What's he doing there? Hannah: Buying me and my brother presents!

John: So where are Jodi and Franco? Ember: On Exile Island.

President Tanner: After my father died, my mother said to herself "That's It" and went to bed to die. Three years later, she realized that it was time to live.

Grandma June: There is nothing harder in life than getting old and being in pain.

Grandma June: (contradicting herself) There is nothing harder in life than losing a child.

Grandma June: I wish I'd had more kids. Like 7, maybe. But I didn't know anything back then. So I guess I should be pretty lucky I had 5.

Grandma June: Raising kids isn't so hard. That's why I kept having more.

Mom: When I get old, will you take care of me?

Me in Primary: Susie's mommy died. Kc: She has a mom?

Alyson: It's easy to be friends; it's tough to be family.

James: (for no apparent reason, I might add) I love you, Uncle John!

Susie: I'm really disappointed about this. You really would think that a Cracker Barrel Store would have cheese and crackers.

Sumana: (to me) I am glad you are a member of this family.

Me: (to just about everybody I met) Frances really wanted to to have _____ (random item in the house).

Also, I have learned a lot of things this past week. I have learned that there is no such thing as a poor mortician, so plan ahead. Uncle Jon is amazing with his hands (he made mom's casket). Cousin Sarah has a very messy room. In-laws are good for more than they may seem. My mother-in-law wanted ribs at her wedding. The Kinsman Society Chorus is a fancy name for congregational hymn. As far as mothers-in-law are concerned, I had the best one around.

[Comments] (2) Grateful: When I tell everyone at work that I am back but my wife is still going through her mother's effects, the stories start rolling. One coworker even told me her husband has one brother that still won't talk to anyone in the family because he didn't get the lawnmower. I'm lucky to have such a level-headed family that cares more about their relationship than worldly possessions.

After getting back from the temple last night, I went to bed until Leonard's friend Peter came with our "inheritance." I couldn't sleep after he left around midnight, so I stayed up rearranging furniture until 2:30 am. I hope our neighbors below will forgive the disturbance, though I have a feeling they were probably still up anyway.

[Comments] (2) Not Again: My childhood babysitter, Anna, died in 1988. Her daughter Mary died in 1986. Her son-in-law and Mary's husband, Harry, died on Wednesday. I miss all of them. Anna lived across the street from us. Mary and Harry had this amazing house up behind the Capitol building in SLC. Right below Ensign Peak. We used to spend weekend nights there with Mary and Harry, who had no children of their own. They gave me a stuffed animal--Papa Smurf. I had that Papa Smurf until I came back from my mission to find it missing. As a side note, I learned that you can't trust your family to protect your belongings while you're gone making them proud.

Harry's obit is amazing. obituary. I never realized he worked for the FBI. Children don't care about that stuff. I just cared that visiting him meant a trip to the Capitol for a cookie.

I think the last time I saw him was five years ago, before he moved to away to be with family. Man, I need a vacation.

[Comments] (2) Quotes of the Week: Elizabeth: Did your kids grow up and get married? Susie: I don't have kids. Elizabeth: Did they grow up? Susie: I haven't had any yet!

Kc: The doctor said that whenever I get headaches it's because I ate too many marshmellows.

Bishop, Relief Society President, et al: Sorry to hear Susie's father died.

Kc: Do you two love each other or something?

Me: Clayton, what's with your mismatched socks? Clayton: Well, my mom and dad are out of town.

And last but not least, Clayton: I'm glad you are back today! Primary was very boring last time.


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