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[Comments] (2) Not Again: My childhood babysitter, Anna, died in 1988. Her daughter Mary died in 1986. Her son-in-law and Mary's husband, Harry, died on Wednesday. I miss all of them. Anna lived across the street from us. Mary and Harry had this amazing house up behind the Capitol building in SLC. Right below Ensign Peak. We used to spend weekend nights there with Mary and Harry, who had no children of their own. They gave me a stuffed animal--Papa Smurf. I had that Papa Smurf until I came back from my mission to find it missing. As a side note, I learned that you can't trust your family to protect your belongings while you're gone making them proud.

Harry's obit is amazing. obituary. I never realized he worked for the FBI. Children don't care about that stuff. I just cared that visiting him meant a trip to the Capitol for a cookie.

I think the last time I saw him was five years ago, before he moved to away to be with family. Man, I need a vacation.


Posted by Alyson at Mon May 22 2006 10:47

He worked on that Mississippi case?? Truly remarkable.

I'm sorry for the loss of your friend.

Posted by rachel at Mon May 22 2006 11:38

sad times

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