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[Comments] (2) Quotes of the Week: Elizabeth: Did your kids grow up and get married? Susie: I don't have kids. Elizabeth: Did they grow up? Susie: I haven't had any yet!

Kc: The doctor said that whenever I get headaches it's because I ate too many marshmellows.

Bishop, Relief Society President, et al: Sorry to hear Susie's father died.

Kc: Do you two love each other or something?

Me: Clayton, what's with your mismatched socks? Clayton: Well, my mom and dad are out of town.

And last but not least, Clayton: I'm glad you are back today! Primary was very boring last time.


Posted by Jill at Mon May 22 2006 10:54

Yah! for quotes...I should start doing some quote posting of my own...thanks John!

Posted by rachel at Mon May 22 2006 11:46


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