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[Comments] (1) Captain's Log: May 25 (Day 2): We went to bed Wednesday night around 11 pm, and were promptly awakend about 6:30 to see the Yale, Harvard, Smith, & Wellseley glaciers in the College Fjord. We went outside and the sun was already high in the sky for 6:30 am. It was pretty chilly out, but with hat and gloves and a long-sleeve shirt I was fine.

There were huge icebergs floating in the water around us, and in the background we constantly heard what sounded like thunder. This thunder was actually "white thunder," or glacial calving. It was pretty cool to get right up to the Harvard glacier and see these massive chunks of ice fall right into the water.

The rest of the day was spent lounging on the boat and relaxing. We went to some wildlife classes they offered onboard and went out to the hot tub. The hot tub wasn't hot enough and was very splashly, so we didn't stay long. That night the fog started rolling in as we entered the Gulf of Alaska and it got quite chilly. But still no rain! With nothing to be seen, we headed to bed that night at 8 pm in anticipation of a full day ahead of us.

Now, about these cruiseships. The decor is so tacky that words really can't describe. And you can't take pics, cuz your camera will break. But Susie got it right when she told me "I think they make the ship look so blatantly ugly so that it'll never look out of style because it could never have been in style to begin with." Truer words were never spoken.

I should also mention the food. It's not that great. The appetizers can be quite exotic and fun, but the rest of the food is nothing I couldn't do on my own. And the desserts are too fancy, and always have some sort of coffee or liquor ingredient in their chemical makeup. The menu was basically the same as last year's cruise, so we didn't get too excited about eating. So why did we decide to cruise again? Well, last year we went to Mexico so we could go on a cruise, but this year we went on a cruise so we could see Alaska. See the distinction? We felt the best way to see such a large state was on a very organized boat that did all the legwork for us. A majority of cities in Alaksa cannot be reached by road. So cruising left me more time to relax and enjoy the ride.


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I said something right!

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