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Canada, the Maple Leaf State: Made it home safely. Our flight through Seattle was cancelled so instead we flew to LA and were shuttled home from there. As fate would have it, we got home at the exact time we would have otherwise, so I guess it all worked out.

In Vancouver, our bus ride to the airport took about 40 minutes and was actually a nice little narrated city tour. The city of Vancouver decided not to employ freeways, which I see as good and bad. The good, which is really good, is that city life downtown flourishes, as do the small businesses located there. The bad news is that getting from here to there can be a real drag.

We sat behind a little boy and his grandpa on the bus. Their conversation went something like this:

Boy, age 5: Poppy, I'm gonna miss you when you die.

Poppy: Well, I guess I'll be watching over you and sissy, then.

Boy: Poppy, I wanna play football.

Poppy: Boy, I know you like to play and get physical, but football's too dangerous.

Boy: Well, then I'll just play fake football.

Poppy: There's no such thing as fake football, son. You need to concentrate on learnin how to read, like Sissy.

Boy: I know my ABC's.

Poppy: That ain't readin. You need to concentrate on your studies, son.

Wow. What a conversation! Anyway, being a poppy sure does sound fun! Maybe I'll just skip fatherhood and go straight to being a grandpa.

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