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[Comments] (1) Anti-Dentite: Went to the dentist yesterday, who has become very high-tech in the last six months. Instead of putting film in my mouth for x-rays, the dentist stuck a digital camera of sorts in my mouth. And the images popped right up on the screen before me instantly. I thought that was pretty neat. Then the assistant left them there for me to stare at for the duration, which got old. They're teeth x-rays, for crying out loud.

The dentist came in and told me I had no cavitites. Then he started buttering me up by saying how lovely my teeth were and that, to increase their loveliness, I should get my silver fillings replaced with white ones. But insurance doesn't cover this, so it will cost me $625. I might add these fillings are on my back two teeth, that no one can see anyway. I don't think so.

In college my roommate Alex had silver fillings in all of his teeth. He told me that their dentist growing up was a crook and put in fillings falsely. I guess when it comes to things like teeth and cars I place my trust in the system because I don't know any better.

I miss the days of getting a prize from the dentist for not having any cavities.


Posted by Susie at Fri Jun 09 2006 09:22

So they don't show movies anymore? bummer.

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