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[Comments] (5) Never a Dull Moment: We went and saw "Cars" last weekend. Lessons learned: Even Pixar can have a bad movie. Not that it was bad, it just was not as good as the previous Pixar films.

We had the missionaries over for dinner on Thursday night. Lessons learned: they eat more lasagne than they care to, and not enought pizza.

Today Susie is having a baby shower at our house. Lessons learned: Crystal punch bowls apparently are not supposed to match.

We went to Disneyland last night, and saw the setup for the movie premiere of Pirates 2, being held there tonight. Lessons learned: It's really tough to get invited, even if you're an AP.

Last week in Primary I mesmerised six children for 45 minutes simply by bringing our Disney Mr. Potatohead to class. Every time the children answered a question right, they got to put another piece on him. Lessons learned: I'm really trying too hard. Such simple ideas are usually the most effective.

Susie and I are flying to Utah on Wednesday for the Fourth of July weekend. We are kind of frustrated because we want to see some old friends while we are there, but will not have a car. And my family isn't returning my calls about borrowing theirs. Lessons learned: There are more ways than one to become an orphan, including cabin season.

And last but not least, the year of the mouse ends on July 16th, and we are not renewing our Disney passes. To fill the void in our lives, we are considering a NetFlix membership. Anyone know if this is a good idea, so we can avoid learning some lessons the hard way?


Posted by Kristen at Sat Jun 24 2006 19:13

We took Lily to see Cars thinking she might like it and because we were getting new tires right across the street and had time to burn. 15 minutes into the movie we left because she would not sit still or even stay on our row for that matter. Seeing the first 15 minutes though does not make me want to see more, I thought it was boring. I am not a sports movie person or apparently a Nascar person either.

I have had Netflix and Blockbuster Online subs and the good thing about Blockbuster is they have a free in store coupon per week and the price of the sub is the same as Netflix which doesn't offer that. So if you have a Blockbuster nearby it is nice, but then again it ruins the purpose of an online sub which is no driving and no late fees. So half the time we don't even use the free coupon. I really prefer Netflix's website better than Blockbuster. It is way user friendly and helpful in building up your cue with suggestions based on your ratings of already seen movies. Blockbuster's website sucks compared to Netflix in my opinion. You can also get a month free sub to or if you are into the edited movies.

Posted by Leonard at Sun Jun 25 2006 06:07

Netflix is a great idea. We would do it but it costs money and so far we've been able to meet our movie needs with Tivo and AMC.

Posted by Alyson at Sun Jun 25 2006 14:02

We've done Netflix for the last two months (summer fun!), and we've loved some of the suggested movies. That is the selling feature of Netflix, I think. We have watched Arrested Development, Freaks and Geeks (a super tv series from the late 90's), and now we're watching 24. Since we don't have television, it has been fun to see some of these shows that everyone talks about.

Posted by John at Mon Jun 26 2006 07:56

Yeah, we are in the same boat as you, Alyson. We don't have tv, and NetFlix is half the price of cable. I think we'll do it, since no one had bad things to say about it.

Kristen, you really walked out of that movie 15 minutes later? Wow, the accountant inside of me is getting queasy. And no, Rachel, it is NOT preggers.

Posted by Kristen at Fri Jul 07 2006 08:44

We got our money back with no trouble. Also, it was mainly because Lily was being rude to the other people trying to touch their hair and steal their drinks.

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