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[Comments] (2) Enjoying the Inheritance: I've been perusing some of the 19 scrapbooks. Mom was obviously very proud of Leonard's intellectual prowess in high school. She has every newspaper clipping available. Herein are the highlights of his interviews:

"Don't label me as a product of my generation. I have no generation."

"Leonard has chosen to attend UCLA in the fall, because it's in California."

There is also a picture of a Christmas tree, circa 1982, that seems to have no base, and two tops. I think the base is far right on the Christmas tree and has a huge bald spot on the bottom left, making it appear to have no base. Susie's convinced that she must have picked it out. I'm convinced Charlie Brown must have picked it out.


Posted by Leonard at Fri Jun 30 2006 04:58

I'm really embarassed by that quote.

Posted by Susie at Fri Jun 30 2006 08:30

No, the Christmas tree was 1980, Leonard must have picked it out.

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