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[Comments] (6) yada yada yada: Wow. I've been meaning to update for a while now, yada yada yada, it's been a month. Here are the highlights:

For the Fourth of July, we flew JetBlue to Utah. Our teevees were malfunctioning half of the time. But the extra leg room on JetBlue is nice. While in Utah we stayed at Justin's condo in Park City. The pool in the Racquetball Court is pretty cool. It has a water slide and these jets in the pool that shoot you around the pool through these islands, etc. It's kinda like a ride. Logan and I tried to walk against the current and you seriously cannot. It was fun. There is also a rock climbing wall at the condo now. Though it is not very tall, it's pretty tough. Of course, it is also scary because we do not have belay equipment. Yada yada yada Hannah calls that place "Atlantica" now. Because there were so many of us, I, Susie, Erin, Logan, Ember, James, and Hannah slept on the floor downstairs. It was good times.

We also went and visited Grandma June, who was having a very bittersweet day. She went to visit the doctor, yada yada yada, she's not dieing.

We also went to the cabin and had multiple treasure hunts. Susie and I also got up very early and hiked Timp Cave and did the tour. It's a very strenuous hike, yada yada yada there were only five people in our group.

Back at home, we've enjoyed the last of Disneyland. We took Tyler with us one last time before they move to Canada. He thinks the driver on the Casey Jr. Train was very good. And he loves the Winnie-the-Pooh ride. We ate at the Blue Bayou with him (the restaurant in Pirates of the Carribean) and he was so confused that it got dark so quickly. He really thought we were outside. He kept asking me if the stores were closed now. Anyway, when we got back outside and saw the sun he finally realized we were not eating outside. He wouldn't sit still during lunch yada yada yada Susie spilled ranch dressing all over herself. We bribed him out of the park at the end of the day with a Jamba Juice.

Rachel went to Serbia yada yada yada we have a cat. I'm thinkin' she'll be our first and last.

And last but not least: Tomorrow's my 26th birthday yada yada yada I get to come to work!


Posted by Alyson at Sun Jul 23 2006 20:57

I'm glad you posted. Happy Birthday! yada yada yada

Posted by Susie at Mon Jul 24 2006 07:10

Tyler spilled that dressing on me! Give credit where credit is due.

Posted by John at Mon Jul 24 2006 11:46

Susie: I said all that. It was in the yada yada yada.

Posted by Susie at Mon Jul 24 2006 12:44

no, you said the yada yadas before accusing me! :P

Posted by Joe Walch at Mon Jul 24 2006 14:06

Happy Birthday!

Posted by r at Wed Jul 26 2006 06:14

Happy late birthday. sorry i missed it. i thought of you thouhg, and later i'll pick out a really late present.

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