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[Comments] (2) Moving on: One of my coworkers is moving back to Utah. And he's getting a raise to do so. A friend of mine and Susie's just bought a house in Plano, TX, and will be moving shortly. And yet another friend of ours is moving to Arizona. The exodus begins.

Though I'm sad they are leaving for greener pastures (pun fully intended), I'm also happy. Their ability to leave empowers me. Their success at finding decent/good jobs in a smaller market that still supports a one-income home with more than two children gives me hope. My day will come! Until then, I'm stuck with the 405 freeway, a one-bedroom apartment with no cable and no air conditioning, and an indoor cat that thinks our nice, expensive couch is a scratching pole.


Posted by Susie at Tue Aug 01 2006 10:19

our couch isn't that nice.

Posted by Joe Walch at Tue Aug 01 2006 21:11

Perhaps you will find a better job in San Antonio.?. Plano is really nice--that is where Louise's sister-in-law lives.

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