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[Comments] (4) Deep Doctrine: Susie and I went and saw X-Men 3 at the $1 theater Saturday night. I really can't decide if I liked it or not. Too many people died, and then they ended it with rather lame promises of a sequel. When is enough enough? I mean, so many characters are now dead. What new direction can they take the movie in?

Though I've decided I like the general theme of X-Men. It shows what happens when hatred and fear of different peoples comes out swingin'. It shows sheer bigotry (on both sides) and reminds us that our goal should be a society without classes.

Susie and I also received the first disc of "24" from NetFlix and watched the whole thing yesterday. Susie didn't even want to watch it, and there we were. Teevee has a way of evolving. The 80's were full of sitcoms, the 90's brough on reality shows, and now, in the 21st century, the new theme is to make shows that are almost incoherent, yet drag you in. And I say that in the nicest way. But between "Lost" and "24" it just seems that I really don't have a clue what's going on. But I must like that feeling, cuz I kept watching.

Yesterday in Primary, the lesson was on obeying the law. So we played tic tac toe, but only after the children explained the rules to us. Of course, they missed so many rules that Susie and I cheated as much as possible to illustrate ignorance in the law. Anyway, I also brought a bag of Skittles, and every time the kids could explain why we have a certain law, they got a handful. One of my examples was "Taxes." Elizabeth says: "Oh I know what that is. It's when you don't have a car, so you call the man." Great. I went from a professional to a chauffer. Maybe that means I get overtime now....


Posted by Susie at Mon Aug 21 2006 12:32

overtime! I thought you were going to write about how I ate all the Skittles and you only got one. Sorry!

Posted by Kristen at Mon Aug 21 2006 15:17

So you watched the entire DVD not the entire season right?
Season 1 of 24 is good, but only if you watch it first. We watched it after we first saw Season 4, and it was good but the acting and plots get way better each season you go through it.
As far as Lost goes, I think they want to keep you in the dark and not get anything going on. It works for me too, because I can't wait for season 2 of Lost to come out in a month.

Posted by John at Mon Aug 21 2006 18:30

Correct, we watched the entire DVD, not the entire season. That would take 24 Hours! Or 18 hours, since there are no commercials.

Speaking of which, I teased Susie that there were no commercials in 24, and she totally bought it. She really thought it was in real time. But then I informed her that there are commercials, but the clock just keeps ticking through them. I must say, I really love my commercial-free setup!

Posted by Susie at Mon Aug 21 2006 18:37

You didn't fool me! I asked because I'd heard they were showing it without commercials and I was right

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