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[Comments] (5) Organ Donor: Susie and I have yet another new joint calling: Ward Organist. Now, I should mention that neither of us plays the organ. Nor do either of us enjoy accompanying congregations, especially those filled with people that do know how to play the organ.

Today Susie and I went to the church and received a crash course in organ playing. Now, having played the piano for 15 years, I suppose I should know that the organ does not have pedal sustainment like a piano, but I didn't. Apparently, when one plays the organ, one plays it differently than the piano to acheive note sustainment. Otherwise, the notes sound all disjointed and choppy. It seriously felt like I was learning how to play a brand new intstrument. And we go live tomorrow. Not to mention that the six year-olds still require a lesson at our hands, and the primary program is in six weeks.

But on a good note, I do actually get Labor off from work this year on account of good behavior. Susie and I are going to the zoo. And gas has also dipped back into the $2 realm. I filled up for $2.91 today and the total bill was just over $20. That makes a person smile. Time to go watch more "24."


Posted by Kristen at Sat Sep 02 2006 21:03

Gas has gotten down to 2.45 here, at Sam's Club. Too bad it takes me $38-40 to fill up my car. Enjoy your 24.

Posted by Susie at Sun Sep 03 2006 11:49

"We" - hah! John gets to do Primary lessons while I debut my skills for the next month.

Posted by r at Sun Sep 03 2006 17:20

going to the zoo without me!

Posted by John at Mon Sep 04 2006 17:54

First of all, primary lessons are not easy when you've thrown the book away.

Second of all, yes Rachel, Susie and I did a few fun things while you were away. I'm sorry that catches you by surprise. But are holding the Universal Studios tickets for you.

Third of all, be nice.

Posted by Susie at Tue Sep 05 2006 09:08

I can't help it if you're a much better teacher than me.

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