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[Comments] (3) The Twilight Zone: In UT recruiting for the man. Wierd things that I have observed/experience while here:

1. Gas in UT is $2.80. It was $2.70 when I left California.

2. The hotel cancelled my reservation. Rather, they say I did. But I didn't. They only had one room left, and it was the room right off the lobby. Hence, it was a tad noisy.

3. At the pre-interview dinner, I was seated at a table full of potential audit hires interested in our Palo Alto and Bay Area offices. I'm in tax in SoCal. Not sure of the correlation there.

4. I discovered that two of my coworkers are Mormon. I had no idea they were Mormon, I guess, because they went to ASU and not BYU. I felt pretty stupid that I didn't know that.

5. I was to meet Grandma June at IHOP for dinner. She didn't show. Turns out, even though I had to drive from BYU and made a pit stop at the Provo Cemetary, I still beat them there. They were so late that I left to go find them at the WellsFargo next door. When we later came back to IHOP (45 minutes later) the menus were still in our booth waiting for us. I was embarrassed. But the really wierd part was that I actually enjoyed my IHOP lunch for once.

6. When I told my family that I was sad that there would be no one to help me bless my baby, their response was that we should bless the baby in UT to accomodate them. Hello. Susie's gonna give birth, then we have to take the baby to UT after that ordeal? They can't come see us? Fine, I'll break tradition and host the first single priesthood-holder baby blessing in the church. With style.

The only normal things that reminded me that this trip was NOT an episode of the twilight zone are: my flight out was delayed, it was snowing and I only brought flip flops, no one from BYU is interested in moving to the OC, I had to clean off the Richardson headstone at the cemetary from the recent mow job and rainfall, and that my nieces and nephews were excited to see me!


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