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[Comments] (4) The Haps: The verdict has arrived: we are having a princess!

Here are the Top Ten reasons I am excited to be having a daughter:

1. I have delayed investing in the video game industry.

2. I get to have a daddy's girl.

3. I don't have to buy play guns.

4. I made my nieces (who are very much outnumbered in the family) very happy.

5. Two words: potty training.

6. Girls grow up and live by their parents. Boys grow up and live by their in-laws.

7. I'm gonna get loads of bragging rights when my daughter becomes the first female ____________.

8. We can keep calling her beet.

9. I can still do all sorts of "boy stuff" with her, and get to do the girl stuff too.

10. Maggie's such a cute name to go to waste.

DISCLAIMER: The purpose of this list is not discourage the breeding of boys, to make people who currently or in the past have parented boys, to discriminate against boys in any way, or to initiate a comment war. It is merely a father's way of expressing excitement over his little princess.


Posted by Kristen at Fri Sep 29 2006 11:17

YAY! I LOVE girls! They are so fun. And shopping for them is waaaaaaay more fun than for boys. They have such cute clothes.

Posted by Susie at Fri Sep 29 2006 11:42

You're going to be such a good dad. =D

Posted by Rachel at Fri Sep 29 2006 22:09

*tear* are you going to let her dress as a princess at disneyland?

Posted by Alyson at Mon Oct 02 2006 20:48

Yeah, the video game industry thing stinks, and even though one decides not to purchase toy guns, boys figure out how to build them out of duplos at two. Why?

Maggie is a marvelous name. I am so happy for you!

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