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[Comments] (3) Tech Deck: Last night Susie and I watched Labrynth. The subtitles were on, and I don't know how to turn them off. But it was actually pretty entertaining with them on, as there was a lot of stuff I don't I would have picked up on otherwise.

We also went to Wahoo's for dinner and I have the shrimp enchilada meal, which came with two enchiladas, beans, and rice. What I really wanted was the shrimp quesadilla. But for some reason the quesadilla was more than the whole meal thingy I got. I really don't understand retail.


Posted by Susie at Fri Oct 20 2006 07:08

The muppets' under-breath comments were the funniest part of the movie!

Posted by Leonard at Fri Oct 20 2006 08:04

Most people who really want the shrimp quesadilla are probably willing to order it instead of something cheaper.

Posted by Rachel at Fri Oct 20 2006 12:58

mmm shrimpies!

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