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[Comments] (3) Stupid Indian Summer: It's gonna be 85 again today. I really don't know how these SoCalians can stand so much sunshine. I kinda miss having "weather."

Anyway, I won a free gym pass to 24 hour fitness. And not just any 24 hour fitness, the fancy one with the showers and spa and all that stuff. And the pass is good for a whole year! I can no longer say I never win anything. I am very excited about this, as my current gym membership at our apartment is a disgrace. I'm always afraid the treadmill is going to eat me it's sooo noisy.

Susie and I have spent the last few weeks pondering the meaning of life. My favorite coworker is relocating to UT to work with my other favorite coworker who left in September. I'm getting pretty tired of people asking me if I'm moving back to UT, especially because I don't know the answer to their question. Susie and I are doing our best to stay in Cali, but it's hard. We spent all last week looking for cheaper housing opportunities, but I just don't have the energy to move right now. So, for the time being, we are staying put. Out of sheer laziness, which bothers me because I'm normally not a lazy person. Maybe I'll call it sheer exhaustion and feel better about it.

Shifting gears, our primary program was on Sunday and literally in spite of the presidency our children all did very well. We practiced for three weeks and then the day of the program there was a new seating chart implemented and half our kids weren't sitting with us. And I couldn't yell at somebody about it because I was at the organ playing prelude. During the lesson I asked our kids who loved me and their little hands all shot way up. And Spencer sat on my lap the whole time during sharing time without causing problems. That's the stuff that makes it all ok. I hope my own daughter will be that crazy about me.

Lastly, last night we had a BYU alumni dinner sponsored by the firm and Buca di Beppo. I really don't like their food, but it was a lot of fun. Susie wore a maternity shirt so that no one would mistake her for being fat (she's still kinda in that inbetween stage) but we really didn't need to worry. At least half of the women there were pregnant. One thing's for sure, you wouldn't mistake us for a meeting of the OC Choppers.


Posted by Susie at Thu Oct 26 2006 11:31

*laughing re: treadmill* You're not lazy. I don't blame you for not wanting to take care of a move all by yourself.

Posted by Kristen at Fri Oct 27 2006 08:17

That is so awesome to win a gym membership. Lucky.

Posted by Rachel at Fri Oct 27 2006 14:57

We can be gym buddies

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