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[Comments] (6) Mr Sandman: Susie is a happy camper because she got to sleep in today. She's also happy because, five months into her pregnancy, people can finally tell that she is pregnant. Though she technically is still in the inbetween phase of "I can't ask her if she's pregnant....She could just be fat." She seems bothered by it. I'm ok with it. Less to lose in the end.

Today in Sacrament Meeting we had another pew visitor: Elizabeth. She was very excited to sit with us, and we gave her Spencer's goldfish, since I had noticed that he was not in church today. I enjoy primary a lot. What I don't particularly enjoy is being the ward choir accompanist. When I told the director we'd be in NYC for Thanksgiving, she decided to cancel the November song instead of get another substitute. That's what I get for being a good director-follower.

Yesterday Susie and I went to the LA temple. We've been meaning to go to that temple since we celebrated our third wedding anniversary, and finally made it there yesterday. It was a sad sight. That temple could hold over 200 people in a session and there was maybe 50 people in ours. The Newport temple, on the other hand, can hold about 50 people, and is always packed. We also were asked to assist in some sealings. It was a good trip. I need to make it there more often.

I finished Lemony Snicket's final book the other day. Not sure what to make of it. I guess, if nothing else, it's over. Any book suggestions on what I should start reading now?


Posted by Susie at Tue Oct 31 2006 16:06

Re: Elizabeth sitting next to us in Sacrament Meeting: Last night my new visiting teachee says, "oh, you have a little girl, right?"

Posted by Alyson at Tue Oct 31 2006 20:35


Ward accompanist is a hard act.

Posted by Jill at Thu Nov 02 2006 16:13

you could always re read all of the harry potter books in preparation for the final book...

Posted by Joe Walch at Thu Nov 02 2006 22:24

"Count of Monte Cristo"--you can get it on or Project guttenberg for free. It is like a travel-novel akin to John Grisham's (sp?) "The Broker" except with a historical twist (there is a scene that describes a Roman Carnival complete with a public execution). You can tell that Dumas was writing from experience.

Posted by John at Fri Nov 03 2006 10:28

I recently read "Count of Monte Cristo." I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Posted by Joseph Walch at Fri Nov 03 2006 21:55

Finally somebody else!

Seriously though, I am glad you enjoyed it.

Well then, the Autobiography of Theodore Roosevelt is a good book. That one is public domain as well.

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