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[Comments] (6) For British Eyes Only: Watched the first half of "Arrested Development: Season 3" brought to me via Netflix this weekend. I can't stop laughing thinking about the following humorous aspects:

1. Anything & Everything to do with Mrs. Featherbottom. I really should re-watch those scenes with the subtitles to see what Tobias is actually singing.

2. Is it just me, or is the narrator getting increasingly witty with his remarks? All his corrections/contradictions were hilarious.

3. The whole Steve Holt/Gob extravaganza. I didn't realize it is spelled Gob because it stands for George Oscar Bluth.

4. Maebe's job as a screen writer. "Marry me!"

5. George Senior's surrogate father.

6. Wee Britain. I especially love the US-style restaurants there, with their huge servings of extra-fattening foods. And, of course, Mary Poppins.

7. I loved the episode with the train set and the jet pack, where Tobias dressed up like a mole and attacked the city in front of the Japanese investors.

8. Motherboy.

9. Anything to do with George Michael. Poor George Michael.

10. The various chicken dances performed by Gob, Lindsey, Lucielle (not to be confused with Lucielle 2) and George Senior.

That just cracks me up!


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