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One Moment In Time: This week has been very good to me. I was in LA the first half of the week living it up in a hotel eating out expensive food that I didn't have to pay for. The second half of the week found me not working much, and enjoying my coworkers company a lot. Nice, now I know how it works in industry. I feel like I work at the place in "The Office" now. I had better enjoy it while it lasts, cuz it won't be long.

And tomorrow I am going NYC. My coworker gave me a list of restaurants to peruse, as he lived there for five years. And we're having dinner with my old mission companion Monday night. My only dilemma is I am unsure what to pack, having never been to NYC. On the today show today, some people were in coats, others in long sleeves, and others in short sleeves. Where does that leave me for packing? Somewhere between the moon and NYC I suppose.

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