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An Affair to Remember: We apparently had to go through Atlanta to get to NYC. Our original tickets didn't say that, but no worries. Because "Lucky Susie" was with me, both of our flights landed about 30 minutes early. While waiting for our luggage, I casually commented that our luggage should be first on the belt. I felt this would be so because we were early on our flight at John Wayne, so it would have been loaded FILO method, and that means that on our ride to NYC from Atlanta it would be on the LIFO method! And it was true! Delta totally redeemed themselves yesterday.

Our first flight put us next to a screaming toddler. Pretty much, I'm sold on not taking the babe anywhere far until she can talk. I felt so bad for the parental unit. To drown her out, I watched the in-flight movie "My Super Ex-Girlfriend." It was stupid. Now let us never speak of that show again.

Next stop: Astoria. Leonard & Sumana's abode is very quaint. It reminds me a lot of our first apartment in Provo. Small & cozy, and nice & new. Today we ventured through the NW section of Central Park, and perused the Met. It is too hard to see that museum all in one day, and my poor feet paid the price. But we did it. We also brunched with Leonard, since that is apparently how it is done in NYC. I enjoyed the brunch, but my problem with brunch is that I never know when to eat lunch/dinner after.

The subway is very confusing, but since Susie and I are having a nice, leisurely trip with not too many set plans, we can get lost and not worry about the consequences. I am told that is how NYC is best experienced: by observation and attention to the journey. Thus far, it appears to be true.

Tomorrow awaits!

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